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The Moment I Knew…

I didn't go to film school. I didn't even go to college.  I am one of the very rare few that always knew they wanted to be a film/video editor. Most film editors start off aspiring to be something different... Continue Reading →

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I’m A Finalist In The CM8 Video Editing Contest!

So every year, Emgee Events hosts Central Mass Skate Festival in Boston, MA. And after the event is over, they upload ALL of the video footage taken during the festival and host a video editing contest. The judges will pick 5-10... Continue Reading →

Adobe’s Take 10 Challenge

Adobe challenges are always fun to do, so here we go - TAKE 10 CHALLENGE Create an original artwork from a custom audio track and 10 Adobe Stock videos, and you may win subscriptions to Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock,... Continue Reading →

Check out all the control you have with Boris FX BCC 10’s transitions! So much in fact, I made a video about it.

How to Edit Your Video In 7 Easy Steps! – Video

I have screen-caps of all of your awkward faces printed out and hanging on the walls in my office.

Don’t act like you didn’t know – CELEBRATING SUCCESS!

Georgia post-production entertainment tax credit clears Senate The Georgia Entertainment Industry Post-production Investment Act passed the Senate late March 22. The bill, HB 199, passed 46-4. It cleared the Georgia House of Representatives Feb. 24 with a 158-3 vote. Georgia's... Continue Reading →

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Top of the DNxHD36 to ya. ❤ kyl33t

"If you’re making a living in post production, if you’re paying your bills making art, if your editing feeds your kids, you are lucky."  Jesse Averna

The Five Stages of Editing: Denial, Anger, Bargaining…

From Guerilla Showrunner ~ Fri Feb 18, 2011 by admin (With apologies to Elisabeth Kübler-Ross) Denial _Editing the series - let’s say three weeks? Nah, two week - Ok, Bob, one and a half weeks. That should be, like, 3... Continue Reading →

One of My Most Favorite Things…Ever.

One of the most accurate pieces of information you'll come across today -

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