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Ever Wonder What Guardians of the Galaxy & the 21 Pilot Song ‘Heathens’ Would Look Like Together?

Now you don't have to ~ ...and it looks pretty damn good.ย 


This Week’s #PostChat with Misha Tenenbaum

This week's #PostChat was really informative. We had Misha Tenenbaum, the founder of with us conversing about entrepreneurship, EditStock's exciting future projects, experiences from The Editor's Retreat and more. If you want to see the full #PostChat - the... Continue Reading →

The Time Alexis Van Hurkman Made My Day

So when I first started my career as an editor, the very first thing I did was look up the greatest books for film editors. I had 5 of the best books written on post production in my Amazon cart:... Continue Reading →

The Moment I Knew…

I didn't go to film school. I didn't even go to college.ย  I am one of the very rare few that always knew they wanted to be a film/video editor. Most film editors start off aspiring to be something different... Continue Reading →

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